Bluehost Web Hosting Review & Rating

All of you are certainly familiar with the term cloud by now and know that is has something to do with getting your computing done on servers placed and maintained by a third-party service provider. There are two parts to cloud hosting. There is one where the services for your company are hosted in a cloud and run on the internet. There is another part of cloud hosting which is hosting a company website data on a set of connected servers which form the cloud.

Bluehost hosting offers you flexible packages of shared hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting.

The cloud hosting option is the most preferred one for the kind of facilities it offers. Companies can get the advantage of scalability with this option, at a very reasonable price. Let us see what makes Bluehost the choice of many companies.


Bluehost hosting probably offers the most competitive pricing when it comes to the cloud hosting type. They have three plans namely starter, performance, and Business Pro. Their promotional pricing is valid for your first term with the company. Thereafter, the rates will increase but still remains competitive. You can talk to the Bluehost sales team regarding this matter. They are very responsive.

Bluehost offers one, two, and three-year terms for hosting. The promotional pricing will be valid for the term you choose. There are some charges for registering and domain name changes. They offer free domain name for the first year after which it is chargeable.

The terms mentioned above are for the cloud hosting, but the charges for the shared hosting are also one of the best among the site hosting companies.


Despite the competitive pricing Bluehost hosting offers very good features. You don’t have to search for the features information which is easily available for customers to assess and decide. The transparency of the provider is one of the best features.

Bluehost offers unlimited storage for both the Performance and Business Plus plans and 100 GB for the starter plan. The bandwidth is unmetered across all the plans. The terms and conditions specify very clearly what unlimited and unmetered mean. There are no arbitrary parameters with this hosting company. If there are any issues with your usage, they contact you directly and explain the situation.

Uptime And Speed

Even in the shared hosting plan Bluehost hosting offers an excellent uptime of 99.99% which is above the industry average of 99.94%. There are very few outages. Though there were some serious issues due to many DDoS attacks they have since recovered and maintain the best uptime among the various providers.

Their page loading speeds have also improved considerably in the past one year and rank third among the major providers of web hosting services.




Bluehost hosting offers many tools to prevent common cyber-attacks. You can password protect your directories and create IP address blacklists. Two-factor authentication facility is available with your account and token validation is integrated into your website.


Bluehost hosting is one of the best for the money you pay. They offer many features for the price they charge. With excellent uptime and speeds, they are the number one web hosting provider.