Cloud Vs Shared Vs Dedicated Hosting

Even for experienced developers, this is a dilemma which often haunts them. Where to host the website? There are three major options and all of them have their pluses and minuses. You can have your website on cloud hosting, shared hosting or dedicated hosting. There are certain factors which should be uppermost in your minds when you want to choose between the three options. Price, Speed, Traffic, Security, and Scalability are the major factors that you should consider in choosing the type of hosting that you need.


Shared hosting is the cheapest as it uses a single server to cater to many websites. Cloud is also very affordable for most of the small and medium companies. A dedicated hosting is expensive and is suitable for large corporations and e-commerce sites who need all the benefits that this kind of hosting offers.


A dedicated hosting certainly is the winner when it comes to speed because you have your own dedicated server with no one to share the bandwidth. This will give you the speed you require. The cloud hosting will come a close second as it has the luxury of multiple servers catering to the same set of websites. A shared hosting is not for one who needs the speed of page loading.


If you are expecting much traffic spikes, then cloud and dedicated hosting are the ones for you. Though most shared hosting promise you 99.99% uptime, if there is a traffic spike in your website you can suffer downtime. In cloud and dedicated hosting, you have the server for yourself and can take traffic spikes without any problems. Even if one of the servers fails in the cloud hosting, there are other servers to use resources from.


This is a major issue that all websites face. It depends on how you configure it. But in shared hosting, there is always the danger of hackers. If a hacker has entered any one website in a shared hosting environment, he or she can easily access your website.

In cloud and dedicated hosting this problem is almost completely removed. You get complete access control and you can protect your data and privacy. Even if there is a problem with your server you can easily be moved to another server. In this case, between the cloud and dedicated hosting, the second one is the best as it offers complete control over the resources.


Due to the limitation in server space in shared hosting, there is hardly any scope for scalability. If you have excess traffic your site can become slow or sometimes the host will suspend your account. In cloud and dedicated hosting, you have enough resources for scaling your operations. If the traffic is higher than expected there are always enough resources available.



If you look at all the factors cloud hosting scores much above the other two. This is a good option for beginners and medium companies with not too much traffic. It is an affordable option which offers you the space for scalability, while you pay only for what you are using. If you don’t expect much traffic or require very high security, the cloud hosting is the best.