How Cloud Computing Works?

Cloud is a term which we are hearing more and more nowadays. Everyone talks about storage in the cloud and how it saves a lot of money for companies. Even many individuals are using such facilities to store their large files like photographs, music etc. What individuals use is a cloud storage whereas cloud computing offers more than just storage. Before we go into how it works let us see what it is.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The term cloud refers to a set of servers managed by the one who provides the cloud computing service. Cloud computing refers to using this set of servers for many of the processes that a personal computer would do. The user is connected to the servers via a network, which is the internet.

The system offers you the opportunity to not just use the space for storage but also the servers for other processes like running your software, data processing or any other operation that a personal computer would do. Instead of using your server or storage space you are using the facilities provided by the cloud computing service provider. The options are limitless as you can do everything with cloud computing.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

There are basically two sections to cloud computing. They are the front end and the back end connected by the internet.

The front end of the system is the one that the employees of a company use. It has an application that lets the user connect to the cloud. This interface may vary from one provider to another. This interface allows the user to access his or her software or files which are stored in the cloud. The user’s server only needs the space to run the application.

The back end is what is normally called the cloud. This is a set of servers on which several applications may be running. There are also storage spaces in the cloud for the storage of data which the user has created. It is usual to have one dedicated server for each application like a word processor or e-mail.

There is a central server which monitors and controls the actions of the networked servers and ensures that the client’s demands are met without fail. Cloud computing providers must ensure that the clients’ work is not affected in any manner.

These facilities usually have a copy of everything that is stored in them so that even if one server fails it can immediately retrieve the copy and ensure that the clients’ operations don’t suffer.


Advantages Of Cloud Computing

The main advantage of cloud computing is the amount of money saved. Companies will have to otherwise invest in many servers. There are also other expenses related to this. Companies don’t have to spend on buying separate software for their employees as they use the ones on the cloud.

Employees can access the data and software from any device with an internet connection. They need not necessarily be at the office to complete their work. Other advantages include increased storage space and faster working due to advanced computing facilities usually provided by the service provider.